International law jurisdictional complexities are common as businesses operate their business internationally through the Internet.  Issues regarding Internet of Things, Data Security, and Intellectual Property  transactions extending across national borders are complex.  These type of business scenarios at times involve intellectual property law, digital media law, and eCommerce law issues.  As these issues are interrelated, we work addressing the commercial world aspects pertinent to our clients’ needs as they inevitably involve risks exposing their business.  Businesses and individuals seeking to engage in overseas markets will need to meet the requirements of federal and state United States laws and that of the overseas host country, including relevant multinational agreements.  We are very familiar with the interplay of domestic and international laws at the crossroads of applying appropriate jurisdiction, giving rise to conflicts of laws, and to governmental regulations impinging on business.

As we advise international clients, we counsel on commercial agreements, Internet regulations, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, data security law, and privacy issues. We as well advise on managing risks and maximizing the opportunities associated with increasing international regulation of the Internet and eCommerce, negotiate business-to-business contracts, advise on licensing intellectual property, and on targeted online marketing and advertising of products and services.

Our business counsel services include the attention needed to businesses that seek to serve foreign markets and contract with potential customers and business partners overseas.  As we focus on meeting the needs of clients that are seeking overseas opportunities to optimize their growth potential by extending their business operations into international markets, our domestic and overseas clients face federal and state United States laws and at times, face those of the overseas host country, including relevant multinational agreements.   We review clients’ social media usage for their business for compliance with foreign regulations as well as foreign clients desiring to do business in the United States. Our clients’ business endeavors are routinely encumbered by provisions from MERCOSUR, NAFTA, CAFTA, the EU, or the WTO.  Our integrated approach involving The Internet, intellectual property, and digital media law in our international law practice, provides our clients a balance of service addressing the following:


  • International production partnerships
  • Sales and distribution agreements
  • Joint ventures
  • Intellectual property uses agreements, due diligence, and verification
  • Multi-jurisdictional intellectual property infringements litigation and dispute resolution
  • International trade commission Sec. 337 litigation regarding IP property imports
  • Contractual disputes in Latin America (Mercosur, NAFTA, CAFTA) and Europe
  • WTO dispute settlement proceedings
  • Contract disputes
  • Digital media production and distribution

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