Data security and privacy are important issues to be mindful of. Data security and privacy are important integral aspects of doing business.  We serve clients who are startups and established businesses who need to address how they management, transfer, and store their valued data.  Lorenzo Law Firm works on regulatory compliance issues for our clients and make them aware of Federal Trade Commission’s consumer protection guidelines.  We litigate breach issues and claims of privacy breaches, record retention violations, public records issues, doxing, etc. Our counsel embraces the legal requirements regarding data management, storage, cyber communication, technologyintellectual property, computer use policies and internet use.  The issues we deal with also cover cloud computing services, cyber access, digital communications, content programming, and other digital business aspects.

Forensic specialists are sought, when necessary, to detect irregular events in our clients’ business and their networks.  On occasion, we interface with appropriate law enforcement for their investigative process.  Our practice embraces  data security and privacy counsel compliance issues involving the Electronic Communication Privacy Act (ECPA); Economic Espionage Act; Federal and State Computer Fraud Abuse Act; Stored Communications Act (SCA); Electronic Communications Transactions Act (ECTA); Gramm-Leach-Bliley-Act (Financial Privacy); Drivers Privacy Protection Act; Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), and much more.

As our personal lives continues in a the digital realm, our communications will always create data points that identify our behavior and the data we all generate. As such, data security will be an integral component of our social and business exchanges. Such digital means of social communicating, from reconciling our bank accounts, engaging in business dealings, or communicating with local, state, and federal government entities regarding our private financial and property interests will be instrumental in setting everyone’s digital profile. The importance of privacy protection and data  security cannot be overstressed.


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