Our Internet law practice is about business.  We work with entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses on their contracts, marketing, branding, customer interface, trade secrets, property, their transactions, among other issues.  In our society, all of life’s activities and  business activity creates a “digital eco-system“.   Whether it’s about a vendor dispute, online marketing campaign, cyber access rights, digital rights, infrastructure and cloud service delivery, we counsel businesses on how they should interact B2B (“business-to-business”) and B2C (“business-to-consumer”). Our counsel assists clients who are embracing the “Internet of Things” (“IoT”) as an operational component of their business as well as who are internet service businesses providing telecommunication products to their community. 

LLF addresses issues that arise with cloud management service contracts, website audits, internet business and sales contracts, data breaches, broadband access issues, privacy, nondisclosure of personal information, online defamation, online fraud, Internet communications and data management. Our approach to Internet law work also embraces website representation of clients’ business, eCommerce, business law, and operational client issues. Our counsel also involves reviewing vendor contracts, venture agreements, usage license agreements, pole usage agreement for internet infrastructure,  government contracts, business to business contracts, e-transactions, and verifications for audit compliance.   We litigate disputes before federal, state, and domestic and international administrative venues.  We enjoy our work and are focused on our dedication to our clients’ business to enhance their competitiveness.

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