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Internet Freedom

Internet freedom is surely under stated, considering the extent of communications and the amount of data shared and transmitted.  Among the billions of daily data bits transmitted among users, unfortunately there are abuses.  Internet freedom is taken for granted by millions of users that resort to the Internet for less than beneficial reasons.  Online fraud,…


Internet Speech and Defamation I

Internet speech has drawn concern for its limitless, it seems, availability for anyone to air their comments about something.  While there are certain protections for speech, the inherent lack of truth in the statements or the lack of concern for the truth in making such a statement online about someone, engenders a considerable amount of…


Internet Speech Immunity

Internet speech immunity exceptions are sought frequently by individuals and businesses who are affected by someone else’s comments about them via an online site.  Online sites are today’s marketplace of ideas to enhance the “competition of the market.”[1]  And so, the claim usually asserted is a defamation claim directed to the website from where the…