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Privacy is at risk with extensions of technology’s “potential” use.  Technology offers the potential of delivering a means to monitor every person’s movement and track and collect recorded human daily events.  Is that necessary? What are the consequences? There are consequences and those consequences must be assessed in balance with the potential harm to society.…


Wireless Telecommunications Broadband Expansion

The wireless telecommunications broadband expansion has a new horizon in Florida. Wireless telecom is seeing new life with Florida Wireless Expansion Act. The Act augments Florida’s 2017  Advanced Wireless Infrastructure Deployment Act, establishing a process that fosters broadband expansion. There is a new horizon for broadband communications and the use of wireless means of telecommunications.…


AI Artificial Intelligence Liability

AI or artificial intelligence is applied delivering services in so many service areas. We see AI at store registers replacing cashiers.  There is AI in customer service call centers  stylizing call trees before we actually speak to a human being. Banking services implement AI in your banking process.   AI is also being used to…