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The Lorenzo Law Firm focuses on client legal counseling and litigation issues regarding  Internet, Data security, and business IP asset infringement disputes.  We counsel startups, individual entrepreneurs, and businesses.  We enjoy providing advice to help clients meet their goals.  Our litigation focus is on cybersecurity, trademark & copyright infringements, Defamation – Libel (online defamation), Anti-SLAPP, Invasion of Privacy, hacking, business development, contract breach, cloud computing contracts, violation of privacy, e-commerce start-ups, branding infringments, trade secrets, and many more issues. 

When we handle clients branding abuse, trademark or copyright infringement claims.  We handle Bit-Torrent matters, trade secret misappropriation claims, and a series involving  Domain name infringements; Copyright piracy and theft, prosecution and/or defense; Misappropriation of trade secrets; and Breach of non-disclosure agreement and non-compete agreements, to name a few of many of our service issues.

Our digital media litigation addresses design, production rights, fair use, consumer use issues.  We have worked on issues, i.e., musical and literary copyright and fair use; third-party film content; work for hire and content development rights; distribution and transmission issues; performance licenses & assignment of rights; and third-party content. We look forward to learning about your issue. We have posted on related Posts:

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With the leadership of the founder, who has a PhD in International Law, we have represented European and Latin American businesses seeking to do business in the United States.  We stress how to minimize risks and negotiate business-to-business contracts, advise on licensing intellectual property, and much more. Our clients have reached out to LLF from around the United States.     

Since inception, the Lorenzo Law Firm (LLF), has provided a multi-jurisdictional approach serving clients throughout the United States, from coast to coast and from overseas, and of course throughout Florida; from the Keys, Miami, Ft, Lauderdale, and Ft Myers area to the Jacksonville, Tallahassee, and Pensacola along the I-10 corridor, with Tampa, Ocala, and Orlando areas in between.  

We take great care assessing cases before we engage them to provide committed and focused service. Our founder, Dr. Lorenzo, has been an adjunct professor for Cyber Security Law at Florida State University College of Law (spring 2017).  He as well was appointed to serve on the 2017-2018 Media & Communications Law Committee, of the Florida Bar.

We look forward to discussing your legal issue and work with you.  All in all, we are dedicated to working for your goals, always “Working to protect your business, ideas, and property on the web.” ® 

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  • Cloud Technology Knowing All

    Cloud technology may have the capability of detecting access, use, and process.  More can be known than originally expected.  The capability of this technological use is referred to as being able to see from above.  One such company that utilizes this type of technology is Uber. Uber’s cloud technology use for a ‘God view’ was…

  • Advertising Disclosures

    Advertising disclosures required by the Federal Trade Commission are becoming numerous.  As creativity increases so will the efforts for the FTC to find aspects, not to their liking.  As the FTC pursues companies using native advertisers or influencer programs, restrictions will appear clearer to businesses.  FTC’s concern is over the possibility of consumers being confused…

  • Cyberquatting Claims and Terms

    Cybersquatting claims arise on many occassions out of sheer misunderstanding.  Cybersquatting by a website designer is seldom a thought of concern by potential clients who are in the midst of working or are considering the work of a website designer for their start up a business.  Terms are rarely dickered with to ensure the handling…

  • Internet Speech Modification

    Internet speech modification is a concern for all who are concrned about their free speech being infringed.  Self-Modification by social media platforms has struggled to ensure that the Internet is acceptable to all cultures, religions, political persuasion, and to all values of countries.  This exercise in Internet Governance is tall and detailed and comes under…

  • Internet Communications Issues

    The Internet, in its ubiquitous appeal in our lives, branches beyond the desktop and into giving users greater mobility and an array of freedom.  It as well gives users more flexibility to express ideas and conduct activities.  Its use generates data about what the users access, shares, comments on, and what the user buys and…

  • Online Defamation  

    Online defamation has become all-too common.  From the individual to the business they all have become subject of ill comments online.  Many, espousing their belief in their First Amendment right to free speech, have misused that right.  Doing so, they claim immunity from defamation claims. Many claim truth, they were privileged, or that their statement…

  • Crawling Websites for Data

    Crawling websites for data has burdened the growth of ecommerce as website owners witnessing their data scraped.  The legal questions have lingered.  Many questions stand out.  The prevalence of crawling and scraping has become too of the norm for those using web content for business, research, or marketing purposes. The common theme is that website…

  • IoT Security

    Internet of Things security claims have caught the attention of lawmakers and regulators. The Internet has been interesting to follow and work with as a realm of process and information exchange.  As the devices used to transmit information increase in our lives and work, protecting what is transmitted from unwanted eyes is not necessarily going…

  • Internet Information

    Internet information has allowed millions to enhance their learning and allow them to share information.  It has also allowed for the sharing of specious and harmful information.  Advertising and marketing industries have benefited and will continue to benefit into the future by this medium of information, surpassing the television. Yet, what is concerning to many…

  • Cloud Data Usage

    Cloud storage of data for business brings efficiencies and as well could bring unbeknown reasons for concern.  Transmitting data through varied network in daily process comes with numerous issues regarding security, privacy and the amount that is being transmitted, i.e., load.  Data is not static and neither is how it could be directed for load…

  • Cybersecurity Responsibility

    Cyber aspects of business functions involving the Internet, email network systems, and cloud platform usage are related to the need for data security.  Cybersecurity responsibilities are, at times, not met with the requisite level of diligence for compliance in managing data and transfers in daily work process.  Standards for compliance, for many businesses, institutions, and…

  • Internet Cybersecurity and Data Security

    Internet news events are reported daily about computer abuse, hacking, data theft and malware, nationally and internationally.  The concept of cybersecurity, as a term, appears bounced around by writers, scholars, politicians, and news media, short of carefully determining what it encompasses and how cybersecurity relates to the Internet.  Around the world the term is used…