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Working to Protect Your Business, Ideas, and Property on the Web.“®


Lorenzo Law Firm provides personal service by focusing on clients’ business needs.  Our clientele are startups, entrepreneurs, and individuals on a variety of issues, touching on consumer protection, civil matters, telecom regulatory issues and privacy, to commercial disputes, intellectual property, data breach and invasion of privacy and defamation matters. 

We work a lot on Internet and technology related matters.  Telecom, broadband, and VOIP services are the life way for businesses across Florida and the United States and beyond.  We address technology, telecom, data security, and Internet business related issues.

The Lorenzo Law Firm provides business counseling, which includes among other factors, how businesses engage the Internet with their business operation.  We offer legal and regulatory counseling on litigation issues regarding  Internet, Data security, business infringement disputes, telecom, cyber / digital communications, consumer issues, cloud content delivery, defamation, and digital initiatives, in the U.S. and overseas.  Our litigation dispute consultation is free.  

Business consultations, i.e., asking questions on how to do the integral aspects of the business venture or for ideas and strategy, helps clients get a strong start. Appropriate start up business counseling from a legal perspective is invaluable.  We know that every step taken carefully is crucial.   We are active in helping clients to get an informed start.  We enjoy being a part of their success.

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With the leadership of the founder, who has a PhD in International Law, we have represented European and Latin American businesses seeking to do business in the United States.  Since inception, the Lorenzo Law Firm (LLF), has provided a multi-jurisdictional approach serving clients throughout the United States, from coast to coast and from overseas, and of course throughout Florida; from the Keys, Miami, Ft, Lauderdale, and Ft Myers areas to the Jacksonville, Tallahassee, and Pensacola areas along the I-10 corridor, with Tampa, Ocala, and Orlando areas in between.  We handle appeals as our founder is admitted before United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, for the 11th Circuit, and the Federal Circuit.   

We assess cases carefully. Our founder, Dr. Lorenzo, has been an adjunct professor for Cyber Security Law at Florida State University College of Law (spring 2017).  He as well was appointed to serve on the 2017-2018 Media & Communications Law Committee, of the Florida Bar.

Call us, we look forward to discussing your legal issue and to work with you on your goals always “Working to protect your business, ideas, and property on the web.” ® 

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  • Data Privacy

    Data privacy of consumers has become a prevailing concern for many businesses and services related entities causing them to seek a balance for data privacy protection.  As data accumulates with every activity in the digital world, retaining that information securely is a critical responsibility.  Data privacy is critical with the process of sharing information for…

  • Electric Cooperatives Oppose Choice

    Electric cooperatives could be regulated under the proposed ballot in Florida for the November 3, 2020 election.  Electric cooperatives are opposing choice of open electric market. Electric cooperatives are challenging the proposed ballot initiative that seeks to change the energy market in Florida.  Florida Energy Choice Initiative (FECI) seeks to have choice in the marketplace. …

  • Internet Claims

    Internet claims about what people experience negatively from the their use of the Internet is paramount.  Internet claims span from invasion of privacy, defamation, to misappropriating someone’s identity online. The Internet gives users a freedom that is immeasurable. It gives users more flexibility to express ideas and conduct activities.  Its use generates data about what…

  • Wireless Telecommunications Broadband Expansion

    The wireless telecommunications broadband expansion has a new horizon in Florida. Wireless telecom is seeing new life with Florida Wireless Expansion Act. The Act augments Florida’s 2017  Advanced Wireless Infrastructure Deployment Act, establishing a process that fosters broadband expansion. There is a new horizon for broadband communications and the use of wireless means of telecommunications.…

  • AI Artificial Intelligence Liability

    AI or artificial intelligence is applied delivering services in so many service areas. We see AI at store registers replacing cashiers.  There is AI in customer service call centers  stylizing call trees before we actually speak to a human being. Banking services implement AI in your banking process.   AI is also being used to…

  • Small Business Website

    Small business websites are crucial if a small business is expecting to have a chance of drawing customers.  The website becomes the image for the small business that is starting out.  A small business website can also hurt the chances for the business to grow.  The small business website has varied uses and it also…

  • Data Security of ESI

    Data security and the insecurity of electronically stored information (ESI) is ephemeral.  Data security is not as predictable as one would prefer to think.  Any anticipation of a data security incident or of its origin is absolutely unpredictable.  With every incident, the attention is always on possible external sources.  All too often, little effort is…

  • Doxing Personal Information

    Doxing personal information is a growing concern to all, to say the least.  Personal information online is common, however, with the Internet being so prevalent. Many records are found online, such as, voting, property ownership, even bankruptcies, and new business filings.  But what is doxing? Doxing ‘may’ occur when someone publishes online someone else’s personal…

  • Internet Freedom

    Internet freedom is surely under stated, considering the extent of communications and the amount of data shared and transmitted.  Among the billions of daily data bits transmitted among users, unfortunately there are abuses.  Internet freedom is taken for granted by millions of users that resort to the Internet for less than beneficial reasons.  Online fraud,…

  • Startup Cyber Insurance

    Startup cyber insurance is not a common consideration as an entrepreneur sets out in to the marketplace. After all, data breaches are always thought of as someone else’s problem. But many business people soon realize that the concerns and possible fears are realistic. The need for cyber insurance is unfortunately getting credible publicity. The notion…