Internet Business Law, Consumer Law 


Working to Protect Your Business, Ideas, and Property on the Web.“®

Internet business and consumer law issues are the mainstay of our practice.  Our services touch on consumer issues, civil matters, telecom regulatory issues, technology, internet business models, invasion of privacy, wrongful disclosure of private information, commercial disputes, intellectual property, contracts, data breaches, and defamation matters. We address client matters individually and expect to work with our clients for their success. Not all issues are the same and client priorities differ with every matter. 

Our litigation dispute consultation is free.  Business consultations, i.e., asking questions on how to do the integral aspects of the business venture or for ideas and strategy, helps clients get a strong start.  Start up business counseling from a legal perspective is invaluable.  We are active in helping clients get an informed start and we enjoy seeing them succeed.  We know that not every business is the same and that they each should not operate similarly. But we do advise on what is customary business practices across the board from brick-n-mortar business and ecommerce business to internet service business. We are focused on working with business and individuals wanting to start a business.

Lorenzo Law Firm works to bring value to clients.  We bring value to clients by implementing flat rates and reasonable hour rates.  We counsel startups and individual entrepreneurs, and address issues faced by individuals in the business arena, in addition to handling privacy and defamation issues.  We also provide discounts on long term legal service arrangements that enhances the attorney client relationship.  Clients receiving quality personal legal services at reasonable rates, speaks volumes about our commitment. 

Call us for details. 

We look forward to discussing your legal issue and working on your business goals, as we always are  “Working to protect your business, ideas, and property on the web. ® 

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